Stanley Clarke's Bass Nation

Stanley Clarke’s Bass Nation – The New Monthly YouTube Series

Stanley has developed an 8-episode monthly web series entitled Stanley Clarke’s Bass Nation. The first episode of Bass Nation will debut November 16th on Stanley’s YouTube channel. The series shares Stanley’s wealth of experience garnered over his 50-year career as a musician, band member, soloist, arranger, composer, and bandleader.

The episodes centered around the dynamics of the music industry, recording and performing, and includes Stanley’s conversations with noted musicians, gear reviews, playthroughs and performances. He also has a slew of interesting personal anecdotes, which he imparts regarding his experiences. Bass Nation’s is also relavent to musicians of other instruments as well as those who are not musicians, but just love music.

“We are giving life lessons for musicians through the eyes of bass players. I’ve played with many musicians and these lessons are a common denominators running through all master musicians,” Stanley said. “I believe that the platform will be equally interesting to fans and non-musicians. Musician life lessons can also be applied to the
lives of all.”

Guests in the series include Verdine White, Marcus Miller, Steven “Thundercat” Brunner, Carlitos de Puerto, Jr., Jack Cassady, Salar Nader, Niki West, Brady Watts, Sekou Bunch, Karl Vincent, Francesca Alinovi, Hadrien Feraud, Aaron Cruz II, Les July, Travis Rodgers, and Clayton Cameron, among others.

Check out these trailers from the series:

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