What shocking news on the passing of Jeff Beck.

There’s some artists that have such a tremendous impact on the planet that they seem so invincible. Jeff had the best sense of humor. Some might’ve thought it to be a bit strange. I liked it. This guy really lived.. he was not a person that was dead while he was alive if you know what I mean.

I enjoyed every moment on the stage with him and all the times we recorded together.
Jeff had so much fire and patience at the same time in his playing along with an unmatched uniqueness.
I have so many great memories with him.
I remember once staying at his place outside of London in Tunbridge Wells along with Mike Garson…we were rehearsing for something and Jeff had his guitars laid out all over the place in every nook and cranny. We had a great time. We went from playing music to messing around with what I believe was Jeff’s greatest love…. his cars. He had the most amazing cars, American cars.
He loved his roadsters.
He had this beautiful brown roadster I believe it had red fire decals on the side. What a fine looking car….
I can only wish that he’s in that traveling to his next stop….
Safe travels, my friend!!!