After a pandemic-induced two-year hiatus, Stanley is pleased to be back on the road with a new and exciting group of players in his new band 4EVER.

4EVER’s band members bring dynamic youthful energy and freshness to the music. All extraordinarily consummate musicians and performers, the 4EVER band includes Jeremiah Collier on drums, Jahari Stampley on piano and keyboards, Colin Cook on guitar, Emilio Modeste on saxophone and, of course, Stanley on acoustic and electric bass. They excel in creating an electrifying performance, always pushing the boundaries of their instruments.

Drummer Jeremiah Collier is from Chicago’s Southside. 22-year-old Collier is a fierce drummer with a wide understanding of music genres. He combines technique with enthusiastic physical energy. Jeremiah has been performing with Clarke for several years and performed with him in concert when Clarke won the National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master honor in Spring 2022.

Pianist/keyboard player Jahari Stampley is also originally from Chicago. He began playing the piano at the age of 14, already winning various competitions including Best High School Jazz Soloist Award and the National Young Arts Competition. At 18, he was recognized as a driving new force in jazz and followed by world-renowned musicians. He also began recording and touring with A-list Musicians.

Tenor saxophonist Emilio Modeste is a gifted young musician from Williamsburg, Virginia. With his lyrical style, he is one of the greatest young jazz sax soloists in the country today. Modeste began playing sax at the age of eight and has performed and studied with world-renowned musicians. He was also a member of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra on tour and has traveled the world. Clarke considers Modeste to be in the Wayne Shorter school of playing. He is also a talented composer.

Guitarist Colin Cook is a remarkable musician originally from McLean, VA, with a new, fresh and exhilarating approach to jazz. He studied at USC’s Thorton School of Music and since has become a sought-after artist, performing his with his searing guitar style in a number of bands.