Webcast Hangout

Ever wanted to talk face to face with your favorite bass player? Now is your chance. On Monday May 19th at one o’ clock we will post a link to a live Ustream where you can chat with Stanley about whatever comes to mind. Stay tuned and join our conversation!



Our Ears Are Open

Stanley loves each and every one of his fans because you have all influenced him greatly. He wants to connect with you and for you to feel connected to his journey as he continues to grow and expand musically. Our job here on the Stanley Clarke Web Team is to use this forum in a way to accomplish those goals. As we move forward, we are looking into rebuilding our site into something more modern, interactive, with further in depth content. So since it’s you who we are aiming to accommodate, we would love to hear your thoughts. Stanley and the team here have some great ideas and additions we would like to make but most importantly we want to know what would you like to see! What is it that you want to know about Stanley or see on this site? More videos? Articles? Pictures? You let us know! Please send over your thoughts and valued opinion to StanleyClarkeRaffle@gmail.com or tweet Stanley @mrstanleyclarke because your input is greatly valued.


Stanley Plays on Morning Phase

Beck recently released his twelfth album titled Morning Phase which features Stanley on many of the tracks. Stanley has known Beck for many years and stated “Yea he’s really talented that guy. I think that he’s always been on the cutting edge of whatever he’s doing and that’s what I’ve always liked about him.” To read more about the album click here to read what The LA Times had to say.




School Days Tour

“It is great to revisit the School Days album. When that album was released it changed my life as an artist” – Stanley

Stanley as well as his loyal fans across the decades are ecstatic to be experiencing School Days live once again. Check out our Tours page to see where he will be performing this classic album. For more about this tour, click here to read an awesome interview with Stanley.



  • sc_catalina_two

    Stanley on a solo

  • sc_catalina_one

    Harlem String Quartet, Stanley, Mike Mitchell (dums)

  • sc_catalina_three

    Harlem String Quartet

Two weeks ago, Stanley played six sensational shows with Beka Gochiashvili, Mike Mitchell, and The Harlem String Quartet at The Catalina in Los Angeles. This team of musicians allowed Stanley the musical freedom on the acoustic bass to express his classical roots as well the jazz artistry we all know and love. For more about the show see what State of The Art Magazine had to say about it here.



Many of us have come together in thought and in spirit because of George’s passing…..

George Duke’s life is to be celebrated because his life was about achievement, discipline, structure, focus, love and extreme ability. George lived life “STRONG’. He lived the life of 30 musicians. He attacked life as much as life attacked him. George Duke was a true soldier of music and could very possibly be the nicest man I’ve ever met……!

“A walking angel”….. There isn’t a person who can say that once they were in George’s presence they didn’t feel better!
He was a healer and a lover of people. George Duke left a gigantic footprint on the planet. I was very fortunate to know him and share tremendous experiences with this enlightened man.

The thing I’m going to miss most is calling him on the phone and greeting him with “yo Big Daddy”, which many of his close friends affectionately call him.

Enjoy your next game Big Daddy!!
Stanley Clarke