Stanley is working on a classical bass CD for the Concord/Roxboro label. He’s recently been concentrating on his interpretation of “Bach’s Cello Suite.”

Recording an album that goes back to his classical roots has been a long time dream. Early in his teens in Philadelphia, Stanley had instructors like Elisio Rossy and Neil Courtney who played with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Elisio Rossy was a technically strict, old world teacher, who was tough to the end. Neil Courtney seemed to recognize something special in Stanley and encouraged his creativity beyond the technical aspects.

“My initial music education was very traditional and relatively strict, and it gave me a strong base that let me build. Let’s face it, as a young musician, you may have all of these great ideas, but if you don’t have that expertise from a technical foundation…it just isn’t going to happen,” Stanley says. “I’ve had success and I owe a lot to my classical roots.”