“Seven years ago, my partner/husband, Mark McClafferty and I were discussing the various writers, musicians, painters, sculptors who had influenced our lives and I told him about the Vigeland Park story.  He insisted I dust it off.  With his urging, I wrote the musical Artland. With my first draft in hand, Mark then took me to see his friend, Stanley Clarke, the one musician he had worked with who he thought would be ideal to compose the music. As I finished reading Artland to Stanley he had a tear in his eye and said “I want to be a part of this.”  He explained that  “traveling to so many countries in the world with all the different musical languages has really inspired me and helps me to lay down an extreme appreciation of diversity.” We went on to discuss how art is the common bond that ultimately can bring unity to diversity and people together.” – Pamela McClafferty

The play will be premiering June 13th-15th at LACSHA in LA. Tickets are available HERE! The music for this play was written by Stanley Clarke.